2021 the 19th Shanghai International Industrial Machinery Parts Exhibition

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2021 the 19th Shanghai International Industrial Machinery Parts Exhibition
The 19th Shanghai intelligent factory exhibition 2021
Time: March 4-6, 2021
Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao)
Organizer: China Equipment Management Association
Contact: Jindan (Ms.) mobile: 13761818142 (same as wechat)
The improvement of intelligent manufacturing and process technology is the further integration of industry 4.0 into the global industrial landscape, and the deep integration of Internet and traditional industries will become the commanding height of a new round of "made in China". With the continuous development of domestic industry, the development of the whole Chinese industry in the future will be irreversible, which will directly drive the improvement of intelligent factory and process technology, which is the impact of industry 4.0 era on the global industry Further integration of the layout. With the rising cost of domestic human and land resources, manufacturers will face the challenges of service upgrading, technology optimization to improve profits, or capital reduction and OEM optimization to reduce costs. In this increasingly price sensitive competitive environment, the performance and quality of a single component will become a decisive factor. Parts are the basis of manufacturing industry. For many large heavy industry equipment, high-end precision parts are the guarantee of its efficient performance. In order to improve profits, or reduce capital, preferred OEM to reduce costs. In this increasingly price sensitive competitive environment, the performance and quality of a single component will become a decisive factor. The transformation of economic structure brought about by industrial reform will coordinate industrial upgrading, realize the optimal allocation of production factors, realize sustainable development, and give birth to the platinum five years of basic parts industry.
"2021 the 19th Shanghai International Industrial Machinery Parts Exhibition", abbreviated as "AIP Expo 2021", will be ceremoniously opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao) from March 4 to 6, 2021. One belt, one road, will focus on industrial machinery parts and components. The exhibition will focus on the manufacturing process. It will attract more than 120 thousand buyers from over more than 30 countries and regions to join the "one belt and one road" concept. In addition, we will create a new mechanism of benefit sharing and cooperation. Through the operation mode of specialization and branding, we will closely follow the pulse of industrial development and vigorously promote industrial exchanges and cooperation
Scope of exhibits:
1. Industrial parts: Casting and forging, stamping parts, fasteners, standard parts, molds, metal finished parts, solid forming, non cutting technology parts, machine cutting metal parts, auto parts, component assembly and metal structure, rigging, hardware, plastic parts and rubber processing parts, other mechanical parts, etc
2. Industrial materials: steel, rare metals, rubber, plastics, industrial ceramics, polymer materials, composite materials and other different industrial materials and compounds
3. Industrial fasteners: clamps, clamps, screws and nuts, chains and accessories, chipping, adhesives, connectors, rivets, washers, etc
4. Technology: casting, forging, sheet metal forming, machining, fastening technology, surface treatment (auxiliary material technology), process supervision, industrial design, industrial services;
5. Equipment and components: processing equipment, machine tools, testing instruments, systems and components;
6. Metal processing: grinding, drilling, wire cutting, laser processing, polishing, carving, special mechanical processing, assembly processing, non-standard mechanical processing and assembly
7. Transmission, connector: bearing, chain, belt, sprocket, gear, etc
8. Plastics processing, plastics, rubber, synthetic materials: Thermoplastics molding, thermosetting plastics molding, rubber molding, secondary processing and finishing, semi-finished products processing, glass processing
9. Metal products processing and heat treatment: including surface heat treatment and finishing, surface treatment.
10. Electronics, electrical appliances, microelectronics technology: electronic appliances, electronic design, printed circuit board, electronic assembly, wire and cable, microelectronics, high precision device manufacturing, etc.
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