Deyang small and medium sized enterprise service center promotes enterprise development with "spring breeze action"

     In order to further study and implement the spirit of the general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the Forum on private enterprises, fully implement the requirements of spring breeze action launched by the Deyang Municipal Committee and the municipal government, and effectively help private enterprises solve problems in production, operation and management, since the beginning of 2019, the Deyang SME Service Center has been actively working and taking the initiative under the correct leadership of Deyang Municipal Bureau of letters and telecommunications. With the "spring action" as the carrier, we will provide high-quality and efficient services for the majority of enterprises in Deyang City, and implement the service work in detail.
    On the scene of the launching ceremony, we should strengthen the guidance of public opinion and strengthen the propaganda work. Deyang SME Service Center attaches great importance to the work of "spring breeze action" and takes the implementation of "spring breeze action" as a major political task. After the "spring breeze action" plan of Deyang City was issued, the center uniformly organized the staff to study and exchange the plan, so as to "learn one step ahead of the enterprise, and learn better than the enterprise"; combined with its own responsibilities and functions, the center formulated the "spring breeze action plan" of the service center, laying a solid foundation for the effective development of service work.
    At the same time, the center has set up a "spring breeze action" column, which makes full use of the public service platform of Deyang small and medium-sized enterprise service center to release relevant notice documents of "spring breeze action", timely update news information and timely release dynamic reports, so that the majority of enterprises can understand the latest policies and news of "spring breeze action" online at any time.
    Carefully organize investigation and find out the target of service work In order to fully understand and accurately grasp the current situation of private economy in Zhongjiang County, and vigorously promote the sustained and healthy development of private economy, Deyang SME Service Center assisted Zhongjiang County Bureau of economy, science and technology to form four research groups. From January 15 to 20, they visited Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size and some industrial enterprises below Designated Size in Zhongjiang County in various forms, such as questionnaire survey, discussion and exchange, on-the-spot investigation, analysis and judgment A total of 149 enterprises, through the investigation of enterprises, mastered the actual needs of enterprises and problems to be solved, formed a special research report, and provided first-hand information for government departments to formulate relevant policies. In order to revitalize the stock and explore the establishment of an international industrial park,
    In the middle and late February, under the guidance of the municipal and district economic and Information Bureau, Deyang SME Service Center conducted a survey on 48 Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in Jingyang District, including baisichang, Hanjiang Machinery, Huajian machinery and sunshine machinery, by means of questionnaire survey, discussion and field investigation. The survey collected the basic information of the enterprise, summarized the existing equipment, technology, talents, market direction and other information of the enterprise, established the enterprise database, made full use of the existing equipment, technology and talents of the enterprise to search for overseas orders, so as to achieve the purpose of revitalizing the stock; understood the current enterprise's demand for technology, capital, business and international and regional cooperation, and established the enterprise demand This paper explores the problems of enterprises, summarizes the common problems, and finally forms the evaluation report and solutions to related problems, which lays the foundation for the establishment of an international industrial park in Deyang and plays an important role in promoting the healthy and rapid development of industrial enterprises.
    At the same time, in order to understand the implementation of enterprises' policies to promote the healthy development of private economy, the center, under the leadership of Deyang economic and Information Bureau, conducted research on Economic Development Zone Quanfeng new materials, Siyuan heavy industry, Jingjing food, Donggang new materials, Yidong new cable, Jiuyuan Dafu, Hongguang technology, Dongfang Shengyuan, Dongfang excellence, blue future, Jindi new energy, Shunteng machinery Liansu technology and other enterprises have conducted research. It not only interprets the relevant policies formulated and issued at all levels to promote the healthy development of private economy, but also understands the actual needs of enterprises, which lays the foundation for solid service work.
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